Flowers placed by  Tina Beacham-Bowden

         In Memory of  Lena Mitchell   April 8,1958-September 8, 2022  


          Flowers placed by Marlange Colinet


          Flowers place by  Cynthia Collins

          In Memory of Christine Marie Johnson, Mother


              Flowers placed by      Karyn DeCuir

                   In Memory of Georgette DeCuir and Albert DeCuir


           Flowers placed by       Paula and James Ellis

                   In Memory of Lillie and Paul Howard, parents

                    In Memory of Delores and Miles Ellis, parents


          Flowers placed by   Burnetta Mack

         In Memory of Barbara Mack, Dasie Mack and Nianna Mack


          Flowers Placed by Patrice and Frank Robinson In Memory
           of Mrs. Alma Little   (Sister of Frank)

          In Memory of Mrs. Sheila Johnson  (Sister of Patrice)


          Flowers placed by Carolyn E. Wilson      

                   In Memory of Brenda McKnight Wilson, Sister-in-law

                   In Memory of Yvonne Wilson, Cousin