I recently found an old dance by our kingdom seekers who are now all grown up!
Lets not forget how important it is to bring children into Gods house, so they can continue
to grow in his spirit and the word of God; and participate in programs like this. 



 Sydney Bowden

Last Sunday Sydney blessed us with a solo song selection "God Help the Outcasts". The song was a poingent reminder of why we serve. Sydney will is 17 and will be graduating High school in 2023. She has a beautifull voice and a passion for music and wishes to study it further in college. Sydney has been a member of First Baptist for 17 years and has participated, in dance, music, 
worked as stage director and crew for plays, a camp counselor for the youth retreat, and participated in the charitable efforts of the church.


    Elizabeth Russell

 spoke  at The ABCMC Donor Dinner at Camp Mack, November 12th.
She shared her camp experience and the value of programs such as this,
especially for youth. 
Elizabeth has been a counselor and camp member 
at Camp Mack for the last two years.
Elizabeth is 16 and has been a member of First Baptist since the age of three 
and an active participant in dance, music, plays, and charitable efforts made by the church.



Kids were encouraged to disconnect from the tech and take time to stop, breathe, and consider the beauty of this big beautiful world God has given us. We thanked God for his gifts while we swam, went canoeing, fishing, hiking, zip-lining, wall climbing, and discovered outdoor skill sets. It was a transformational time as kids discovered independence and build confidence in their natural skills.


 Through conversation, play, and reflection, we made room for the Holy Spirit to move in our lives. 



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