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First Baptist Church of Park Forest

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Abitibi Paper Retriever

For the past four years, the Kingdom Seekers youth group recycled paper with Abitibi using a green bin located in our parking lot. The company will accept newspaper, magazines, shopping catalogs and mail. By partnering with Abitibi we raise $5.00 per ton on paper recycled and educate our youth on the protection and stewardship of God's resources. Additionally, we add to the recycling capacity of the community at large.

Your Account Statistics:
Current Year to Date vs. Year over Year
0.42 recycled YTD vs.2.14 recycled at this time last year
1.26 cubic yards of landfill saved YTD vs.6.42 saved at this time last year
1,722.84 KWH energy saved YTD vs.8,778.28 KWH Energy saved at this time last year