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First Baptist Church of Park Forest

80 North Orchard Drive
Park Forest, IL   60466
t. (708) 748-2566

FBC Newsletter


The Sacrifice of Praise, Praise Team of First Baptist Church of Park Forest, (FBCPF) Illinois, was founded by Brother Russell Rayburn, III, and Sister Daphney Colinet.

This praise group started off as a volunteer choir, meaning, anyone who chose to come to rehearsal that week would sing the praise on Sunday morning.  Doing this made it open to the younger and older adults, as well as the more seasoned adults.  As this group continues to grow, they maintain a close knit relationship with each other so that any newcomer will have a solid foundation to build on.  They are on a mission:

  • To minister the Word of God through music;
  • To build a larger congregation, and finally,
  • To invest in the youth of our church to show them the importance of praise and worship, so that it never dies.

This Praise Team is truly one of the humblest groups.  For instance, during rehearsal, if any member of the Team is going through a rough time, they stop rehearsing and pray for that individual.  No member is left behind!  Once they are done praying and praising, they immediately start back up rehearsal.  No matter how late they stay, everyone is on board and eager to praise and worship God.  The members want to ensure that they are giving their best to the congregation at FBCPF, for they know the importance of their roles a praise and worship team.  This praise and worship team has nowhere else to grow, but closer to God.