Our Pastors

Rev. Carol Jamieson Brown

The Rev. Pastor Carol Jamieson Brown is the first African American and the first female to serve as pastor of the First Baptist Church of Park Forest, IL. Prior to coming to Park Forest, she served with her husband the Rev. Dr. Jesse Myron Brown at the oldest Baptist Church in Chicago the historic First Baptist Church of Chicago.

Under her tenure, several ministries have been created including the creation of the Kingdom Seekers, and in 2014 the New Creations Chorale.

Pastor Carol strives to be a servant leader She comforts those in need in times of sorrow and hardships and continues to be a true blessing to her congregation.

Since 1975, Pastor Carol has been married to Rev. Dr. Jesse Myron Brown (Pastor of First Baptist Church of Chicago). The couple have one daughter and son-in-law, Jasmyne and Jim Roberts, two adorable grandsons: Jamieson A. M. Brown Roberts, Jackson A. T. Brown Roberts, and a lovely granddaughter Jade Addison Brown Roberts.

Rev. Jeanette B. Jordan

The idea of a multi-denominational church came as an idea in September 2009.  As a member of the Presbytery of Chicago Multicultural Church Team, Rev. Jeanette B. Jordan, M.Div., discerned the possibility of Christians coming together to worship without compromising their respective denominational heritages.


Our present activities include combined Sunday Morning worship Service, with First Baptist Church of Park Forest.  Together, we want to serve all who come to us needing counsel and consoling.


Journey to the Cross Ministries makes a conscious effort to honor every member’s denominational ties.  Our overarching direction is to promote unity in Christ based upon the model professed in the New Testament account of the early church.  


Since 1962  Rev. Jeannette has been married to Dr. Robert Jordan. The couple have 5 children, 7 grandchildren and a bonus son.


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Our Staff

Sandra Pace Richards  is the administrative assistant for First Baptist Church of Park Forest.  Sandra has been a active member of FBCPF since 1999.  Sandra and her husband have been married since 1991 and are the parents of Melissa and Malcolm.

Sandra can be reached in the office Tuesday– Friday, 10:00 – 2:00 pm.


Russell S. Rayburn III , Minister Of Music  @ FBCPF and has been a member since 2015. Russell is the father of 3 children.  He is currently engaged to Ms. Phyllis Nicole. Russell directs the New Creations Choral of FBCPF & JTTC.
Cell: 708-475-1033

Nona Harris is the church treasurer and has been a member of FBCPF since 2009. Nona is the mother of 3 children and a grandmother of 4. “Nona’s Sweet Tea “fundraiser provides the church with added revenue.


Paula Ellis,  is Church Moderator and has been a member at FBCPF since 2001 and is also a member of New Creations Choral. Paula and her husband, Jimmy have been married for years and are the parents of Larry and Jennifer and have several grandchildren.


Evangelist Vanessa Scarbourgh

Evangelist Vanessa is the Minister of Youth and has been a member of JTTC Ministries since 2012 and has been married for 5 years. She has 4 children and they have 11 grandchildren.